Hello and welcome to #hullCSS!

We're the exec of #hullCSS for 2019/20 and we thought we'd introduce ourselves to you. Whether you're new to University, or going into the next year, it's important to get involved in things outside your course itself and in Computer Science we get up to quite a lot.

This year we really want to help you make the most of your offline time, and we've got some great events planned, keep up to date with what we're up to on Twitter and Facebook.

Nathaniel - President

I'm Nathaniel šŸ‘‹šŸ», I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student and your new president for this year! My role is to oversee the society as a whole and make sure everything runs smoothly, working with the rest of the exec team to plan events that you'll enjoy and things that you want to get involved in! I've been a part of #hullCSS since it started, as social sec in first year and VP last year. In my spare time I love to write blog posts, build projects and get involved in tech! Away from a screen I'm also a keen hiker and dog walker! Learn more on my blog here.

Elle - Vice President

Iā€™m Elle, Iā€™m a 3rd year Computer Science student and Iā€™m your new Vice President - Iā€™m here to make sure our members get what they want out of the society and have a good time doing it. Last year I was a Code First: Girls Instructor, as well as hullCSS social officer. Other than that, I like wasting my time with side-projects, going to hackathons and getting involved in the tech community! Learn more on my blog here.

Dan - Treasurer

I'm Dan, I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student and your new Treasurer, I look after the finances for the society. I have just come back from a year out of university after working for a year. I spend my spare time dealing with legacy code, attending hackathons and playing magic the gathering.

Kurtis - Social

Hey! I'm Kurtis, within the society I am the social sec, which means I manage and run all the social activities and social media. Currently in 3rd year CS, and within my spare time I am also the treasurer of the Women in STEM society. My main interest is web technologies and artificial limb technology. Learn more on my blog here.

Adam - Outreach Officer

I'm Adam, 3rd year Computer Science student and Outreach Officer, I will be responsible for reaching out to local and global companies to try and organise events and/or goodies. I work at the local Mixed Reality studio VISR, and am also a Unity Student Ambassador. Come to my workshops to learn how to create games and more! Learn more on my blog here.

Find us IRL:
Hull University Union
Student Central
University of Hull
Cottingham Road

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