Welcome to HullCSS

This post will act as an introduction to the exec team for 2022 - 2023, and also to test out integration with HullBlogs, powered by our friends at Freeside šŸ˜„

With that said lets get to introducing ourselves:

Toby - President

Heyyy, Iā€™m Toby, a third-year comp sci student who was treasurer throughout the last year. Iā€™m hoping we can push on from the growth we experienced last year and revitalise more of an academic focus this year! Other than tech Iā€™m really into bouldering as well as supporting Liverpool FC.

Awen - Secretary

Hello hello!! I'm Awen, a second year in Computer Science and your HullCSS secretary for this year. I was previously social secretary, but this year I've exchanged pints for paperwork in the hope of actually finishing my coursework. Personal projects of mine include painting my computer pink and trying to get Doom to run on a Tamagotchi, as well as the endless task of trying to get a functional sleep schedule. My main interests in the field of computer science are accessible technologies and computing education - maybe one day I'll combine the two! Lovely to meet you, and looking forward to a great year for HullCSS!

Ben - Treasurer

I'm Ben; a second year computer science student, who is this years treasurer who's main role is making sure we can financially function as a society and providing financial advice in the actions we take as a society. I have a few out of studies interests including music, drumming, sports, gaming. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve as a society this year.

Ethan - Publicity Officer

I'm Ethan, a Second Year computer science student with a passion for code and design. As Publicity Officer, it is my role to inform all #hullCSS members of any upcoming events, meetings and learning sessions that we will run throughout the year. I also enjoy eSports and music.

I am looking forward to this academic year and hope everyone enjoys it too.

Rowan - Webmaster

Hi there šŸ‘‹ I'm Rowan, a 2nd year computer science student and your Webmaster for this year. Whilst I don't hold much power as far as day to day runnings of the society are concerned, I believe my role is an important one nevertheless. It is my job to manage our site (what you are viewing right now), the society's GitHub, advise on contribution and security policies as well as liase with Freeside, as an admin there as well I am able to make sure we can work together effectively. You'll hear me talking a lot about Linux and open-source software. Learn more here.

Find us IRL:
Hull University Union
Student Central
University of Hull
Cottingham Road

Working with:

Legal stuff and Licensing
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