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#New Website

By: @ash_entwisle(2024-02-23)

After about 6 months of work, I'm Happy to announce the new HullCSS website is Live!! So, im taking this as the perfect opportunity to talk about the tools and technologies that went into making it.

The Framework

The website is built #withastro, a fairly new, simple and powerful framework that allows you to build frontend sites and client-side applications. I chose this because it’s super fast, and it’s super easy to use and I can use components written in other frameworks like react and svelte allowing me to use components that I have already written in other projects.


Most components are written in Astro, but when making more reactive components (like the text typing effect on the homepage), I used Svelte. Astro makes it really easy to use components from other frameworks such as svelte and react.


For the blogposts, I used the MDX library for Astro. It allows me to write posts in a markdown-like syntax while givig me the ability to use components and other features that are not available in regular markdown.


For styling, I mostly used Sass (more specifically SCSS) to style the website. I chose this over other options bc its close enough to CSS that I can use it without much of a learning curve, but it also has some great quality of life features that make css so much more bearable to use.


For the colours, I chose to use OneDark. A theme originally created to be used with the Atom text editor, but has since been ported to many other applications and tools. I chose this because I love the colours and I think it looks great (if you look at my github, youll see that a lot of my other projects use this theme too lol). I have tweaked the colours a bit just to make the theme more flexible.

Hosting prodivder

For hosting, I chose to use CloudFlare Pages, a serverless platform that allows you to build, host, and scale your website or web application on the edge. I chose this because it’s free (up to 250k reqs/day) and it’s super easy to use. It also has an integration with GitHub, so I can just push to my repo and it will automatically build and deploy my site for me.

Suggestions and Feedback

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repo or ping me (@sudo_rm_rf_msft) in the HullCSS Discord.